Par chèque

Payment by check is done in euros only. You must send your check or checks
(for a regulation 3 times) (French bank check only) sent to the following address :

Les Intérieurs d’Ailleurs
16 Avenue des Ilaires
Make your check payable to "les intérieurs d'ailleurs".
For 3 times, the first check is cashed upon sending your parcel, the second after a month and so on ...
In case of non-receipt of the check within seven days after the confirmation of the order by the buyer, the order will be canceled.

By credit card

Secure card payment
Transactions on this site are secured by the payment system of savings banks: SPPLUS payment. When you enter your bank details, you are directly in connection with the payment server of savings. The merchant does not know your credit card number and it is not stored on its server. In addition, all information exchanged with the savings banks are encrypted using the SSL protocol and can not be intercepted or altered. SPPLUS with payment, you are guaranteed that the merchant with whom you have a relationship is well referenced with savings banks to cash transactions on the Internet. At the end of the transaction, before returning to the merchant's site, SPPLUS Payment presents an electronic ticket, including all the elements of the payment and the result of the application of bank authorization (transaction accepted or canceled). For more information, please visit the website :

Interbank transfer

It is possible to pay by bank transfer. Simply follow the procedure for settlement on the site, we fournierons our bank details.


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